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Bowie Cafeteria Workers - El Paso, Texas

Cafeteria workers at Bowie cafeteria, Cecilia Ramona Bustillos, left. Location was El Paso, Texas.

Felix in Costume

Felix Manuel Bustillos, raised by grandma, who frequently dressed us in costumes.

Aunt Rosinda

Rosinda Bustillos, aunt of Angela Rodriguez.

Felix Bustllos in Costume

Felix Manuel Bustillos who was frequently dressed up in costumes.

Bustillos Baby

Cecilia Ramona Bustillos, 1 yr

Portrait of Children

Magdalena Payan, Felix Manuel Bustillos

El Paso Laundry & Cleaners

Original location of El Paso Laundry & Cleaners in El Paso, Texas.


Angela Bustillos, Felix Manuel Bustillos, Dolores Bustillos

Rodriguez Brothers - Little League 1955

Bob (shortstop), Sal (second base), Joe (first base) - The Rodriguez brothers, Bob, Sal, and Joe played Little League baseball...

Aoy Elementary - El Paso, Texas - 1955

Grade 7; Mr. Alfredo Escalante - September 27, 1955

Image is of the Aoy Elementary students in...

Little League

A.B.Poe Motor Co. sponsored team; players mostly from Chihuahuita

Interior of Silva's Grocery & Market

Interior of Silva's Grovery & Market located at 1021 Campbell and Magoffin in El Paso, Texas.

Carmen in Store - El Paso, Texas

Carmen Silva, wife of Joe Silva, in Silva's Grocery & Market.

The Silva's in Silva's Grocery & Market

Jose R. Silva, Elvira Silva at Silva's Grocery & Market located at 1021 Campbell, El Paso, Texas.

Customer in Silva's Grocery & Market

Joe Silva Sr helping young girl at Silva's Super Market located at 1021 Campbell and Magoffin location, El Paso, Texas.

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