What is Digie?

DIGIE stands for Digital Information Gateway In El Paso.

DIGIE is a vast collection of images and videos exploring El Paso’s past and present. It examines its people and its many cultures on giant 3-D touch-sensitive TV screens at the Museum of History and on a mobile Mini-Digie as well. Our Mini-Digie will be transported to classrooms, malls, community centers and other locations where citizens gather so everyone has the opportunity to experience and be included in El Paso’s digital history.

The collection of images that powers DIGIE can also be browsed on this website. Most importantly, you can upload your own collection of images telling your own life story or your family history for all to share.

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Latest contributions

Mural "Ecology" at the University of Texas at El Paso

Mural painted in the Fox Fine Arts building at the University of Texas at El Paso sometime in the late...

Mural "Ecology" at the University of Texas at El Paso

Mural painted in the Fox Fine Arts building at the University of Texas at El Paso sometime in the late...

El Paso Police Detectives - 1954

In front of Police Headquarters 219 S. Campbell Street
Front row (l to r) Lloyd Peterson, Carlos Casavantez, J."Red"...

Officers Bobby Grayson and Milton Lege - 1955

Both men were the first of six Black officers to join the department beginning in 1946. Lege joined in 1949...

Detective Callie Fairley - 1929 - 1952

She was hired by the city police department as a detective on the vice squad, an assignment she held for...

El Paso Police Department - 1908

Entire police department in front of police headquarters. Seated in middle, police chief George C. Campbell.

El Paso City Marshal badge

This badge is on display at the El Paso Historical Museum downtown along with one of Dallas Stoudenmire's revolvers. Engraved...


Vung Tau Vietnam

Break in the Action

Rest & Recuperation site Vung Tau Vietnam

M M Chilling

Meditating on A Conex

R&R time

Peaceful place .

Me & a Buddy

Chillin in Saigon Vietnam

Fellow Soldiers in Vietnam

Saigon Vietnam

My Brother Fluff & Friend

In Vietnam

El Paso Baseball Hall of Fame 2016-17-18

El Paso Baseball Hall of Fame program cover

Sgt. Jesus R. Vasquez - Vietnam - 1965

Jesus Roberto Vasquez went to San Juan Elementary School (now Hawkins Elementary School) from 1953 to 1959, as well as...


Assisteens held a "senior prom" for residence of Royal Estates.

PASO (Put A Smile On) Bears®

Each year Assistance League® of El Paso provides 500 bears to local first response agencies. These agencies (firefighters, police, ambulances)...

Operation School Bell®

Children who go to school without adequate clothing often suffer low self-esteem. Students (1-5 grades) are identified by El Paso...

Thomas McKay - 1955

Thomas McKay on his 21st birthday. McKay is to the far right of the image. Location is on base in...

Canaletto - El Paso Museum of Art - Video I

Canaletto - El Paso Museum of Art - Video I

Kress Collection - Canaletto's - View of...

Vietnam Exhibit Opening - 2016 - Picture Of The Week

August 6, 2016 - Museum Exhibit Ribbon Cutting: "Welcome Home El Paso Vietnam Veterans: A Tribute and Recognition to our...

After Vietnam - Fernando Villela - 1973

"After Vietnam - Celebrating Life"!
"Got out in December 1971 from Fort Leonard Wood , Missouri"!

Austin High School students- 1974

Student from Austin High School playing the guitar in the quad in the year 1974. There is writing on the...