What is Digie?

DIGIE stands for Digital Information Gateway In El Paso.

DIGIE is a vast collection of images and videos exploring El Paso’s past and present. It examines its people and its many cultures on giant 3-D touch-sensitive TV screens at the Museum of History and on a mobile Mini-Digie as well. Our Mini-Digie will be transported to classrooms, malls, community centers and other locations where citizens gather so everyone has the opportunity to experience and be included in El Paso’s digital history.

The collection of images that powers DIGIE can also be browsed on this website. Most importantly, you can upload your own collection of images telling your own life story or your family history for all to share.

Just select the UPLOAD button to register. Now you are ready to start sharing your El Paso!

Read more about DIGIE here or for more information click this site http://youtu.be/30oS6LzrBqg.

Latest contributions

Kress Store, El Paso, TX, circa 1945

This is an old photo of the Kress store between the 1940-1949's.

City Marshal John B. Tays

John B. Tays a former Texas Ranger (Salt War fame), served as El Paso’s postmaster between February and August 1879...

My friends and I enjoying Chalk the Block

Chalk the Block was a beautiful experience, especially with my friends. There was such a diversity of food, fantastic art,...

Family Fun

A snapshot of family memories made at the El Paso Zoo.

Western Playland with my GIRLS

The individuals in this picture had just recently turned into my best friends a couple months before this picture was...

A Carefree Life in El Paso

Dreams, like getting a truck, can come true in El Paso. El Paso has changed over the years, but that...

Cristina Fernandez joins Podium Finish Sport Boutique

Cristina Fernandez joins PodiumFinish Sport Boutique on her quest to continue completing full IRONMAN
She’s done 3 full...

Podium Finish Sport Boutique

The Podium created by Jo Ann Underwood. By a passion of sharing cycling with as many as we could

Podium Finish Sport Boutique and Coffee

Podium Finish cycling team. A local brand. Born in El Paso

Our story

Our story is more than anyone could understand, but my love for you has helped me not give up. Some...

Our roots

Teaching my daughter about her Mexican heritage.

One of My Homes

This is a sign posted outside of the front gate of Fort Bliss military base. It has been a home...

Diverse Friends

A diverse friend group.

Don Haskins Center

The Don Haskins Center is an arena in El Paso that has hosted several events throughout the years. As a...

Overview of El Paso

Overview of Downtown El Paso

My Family

My family and myself at Memorial Park. My family means the world to me.

El Paso Star

The El Paso Star overlooking downtown with the sunset in the background.

A Family Connected by El Paso

My family has grown in the city of El Paso and the attractions that it holds has brought us closer...

El Paso Star

This picture represents El Paso and everyone who lives here. It shows our city and the beautiful scenery of the...

The History of El Paso

This picture visually implies the background history of the development of El Paso, as a representation of present-day El Paso.

Snow in El Paso

Snow in my front yar in 2006

El Paso Sculpture

It is a sculpture that reads "El Paso" that has prominent landmarks within it.

My family and me during the 2016 Christmas event

This is a picture of my family and me during the 2016 Christmas event, during the downtown winter fest. We're...

3 Generations of Luceros

Depicted in this photograph are my grandparents in the middle surrounded by their children and grandchildren. Showing three generations of...