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Rosa and Elvida in Juarez

juarez, mexico; rosa crayne, elvida fierro-valenzuela

Rose as a teen

14 years old; rosa crayne

First Holy Communion

Five years old, made first holy communion at St. Ignatius; Rosa Crayne.

Grandma's birthday

Grandmas Birthday; Rosa Crayne(17) and Grandmother on 5th street

Margaret Crayne-Leblanc as child

5th street; Dress she is wearing belonged to a doll. Grandmas house. Margaret Crayne-Leblanc

Bathroom interior

Shows part of toilet, sink and bath tub. Industrial grade fixtures. "Rail" around wall- has holders for mirror or medicine...


Occupied kitchen with slightly different arrangement of furniture than in 675. Includes kitchen table, dishes, and crockery on shelves

Living room

Small living room with armless sofas, large heater in corner, ash tray on stand, and various decorative ornaments. Includes etched...


Two story brick buildings, probably Alamito. Intersection of Palm st. and ?
Trees are young and still staked, grass...

Kitchen, Apt. 220, bldg. B-20 Paisano place(8x10)

Shows as constructed kitchen with water heater, gas refrigerator, natural gas stove, double sink(left side deeper) and counters with single...

Softball Team - El Paso, Texas

2 photos-small one of softball team(can see ball). Some of boys have caps but they do not match. No uniforms....

publication page- Alamito complex

3 photographs of boys playing. Top two are just outside the arched walkway of the alamito office. Top photo shows...

Magazine or publication page, housing project

Page shows 3 photos. Two interior shots-living room and bedroom, one outside complex showing boys on bikes. May not be...

Second half of panoramic shot of Alamito Complex

Second half of panoramic shot of Alamito Complex

Panoramic view of Alamito Complex(Red brick 2 story buildings)

Looks as if complex was incomplete- no trees, no doors on buildings. Gives view of nearby school, adjacent non-project housing....

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