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Alvarez Family Portrait

family on 477 Charles St. in Chihuahuita( home is not standing anymore because of the water treament plant. *names are...

Alamito Park - El Paso, Texas

Since the school have a playground the kids crowed the streets to play at Alamito projects park *names listed

Enriqueta Alvarez and Norma

During WWII Enriqueta lived in Alamito projects after the war she moved to Canal St.

Mr. Limon

Lived on 805 Canal, moved to 320 Canal, Chihuahuita was know as "La Canal"

Mrs. Limon

Immigrated to El Paso because of hardships in Mexico from Jalisco. She said she never wanted to return to Mexico....

Mr. and Mrs. Alvarez

Enriqueta and Francisco (Norma Castillo parents) Francisco came during WWI, they saw a movie at the Plaza theatre.


Ester Rocha Ramirez

Red Cab Employees - El Paso, Texas

Severo Limon owned taxi stands on Santa Fe Street, near bridge for 15 to 20 years.

Mother and Son

Mother Esther Ramirez, Hilario Ramirez, and great-grandmother

Street Photos

on El Paso St. downtown (names are listed).

Easter Sunday V

Family group picture: left to right: Marie Teresa Ramirez Minjares, Jesus Ramirez, Cecilie Ramirez Chavez (baby), Maria de Jesus Guzman...

Easter Sunday III

Jesus Ramirez with basket on Campbell st

Easter Sunday IV

Maria Teresa at the bottom with other kids

Easter Sunday II

Esther Ramirez, Cecilie-baby, Marie Terese, Jesus on the car

Easter Sunday - 1950 - 1959 - El Paso, Texas

Visiting great grandmother on Campbell Street in El Paso, Texas. Easter Sunday, late 1950's. Maria de Jesus Guzman Ramirez, Cecilia...

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