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Family in front of 913 & 915 S. Santa Fe

Taken before parking lot in front was built; house was originally built in 1918, Villalva's purchased it in 1945, lot...

Aunt Gloria

In house behind grocery store at 915 S. Santa Fe

Grandma Candelaria with Grandkids Photos

see sheet for names

Bowie Band - El Paso, Texas - 1980 - 1989

Josie Cervera (sister to Elizabeth Perez) played clarinet. Bowie Marching Band in El Paso, Texas.

Playing Volleyball for Bowie

Candace Cervera (sister to Elizabeth Perez)

Bowie Band Major

Ida Cevera (sister to Elizabeth Perez)

Grandma's Dining Room

House at 913 & 915 S. Santa Fe (see names on sheet)

Bowie Graduation Mass @ Sacred Heart

Sofia, Candy w/ daughter Cindy (baby), Nena, Elsa

Grandma's Kitchen

House at 913 & 915 S. Santa Fe (see names on sheet)

Grandma's Birthday

Grandma's house at 913 & 915 S. Santa Fe on her birthday (see names on sheet)

Playing Piano

Viola del Torro playing piano and Gloria Perez singing in mother's house 913 & 915 S. Santa Fe

Grandmother's Wake

In front of store for Grandmother's funeral when parking still existed in front of store (until 2006)

On House Porch

Candelaria & Andrea Gomez (sister)

Grandparent's House

"Chavet"/Elizabeth; Abby, Rodney, Candy, Boney (top row); Sofia, Selda, Helen, Rosana (bottom row)

Hector & Tola Villalva

Hector & "Tola" Villalva & unknown couple at home in Old Fort Bliss.

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