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Birthday in the Projects

Alamitos projects Mari's 8th birthday

Mari & Her Dog & Favorite Dress

Mari and her dog wearing her sister's skirt at Alamitos projects

Family and My Dog Tiger

Alamitos projects with family (names are listed)

Snow Day in the Alamo Projects

boys throwing snowballs

Recital (dance)

Alamo school, children dancing conga

The Twins & Alamo Elementary

Alamitos projects and Alamo school, twins in front of school sitting on grass

Independence Day

Alamo Elem. Children on the 16th of Sept. Mexican Independence day

Dia de San Juan - El Paso, Texas

Boys wrestling in the grass and getting wet for John the Baptist Day. tag Culture, Catholic, needs to say probably...

The Hermosillo Twins

Twin brothers standing by their doorsteps

Play at Alamo School

Western Dance with children clapping in front

Laundry Room

Laundry mat room at Alamitos projects (names listed)

Family in living room

at home in the Alamitos Projects sitting on couch mother and children, Aurelia, Fernie and Mari

Making Snowmen

Group of kids making a snow man at Alamitos projects

A Snowy Day

Young boy standing in front of projects on a snowy day


Alamitos Projects behinds the plants, Mari, Fernie and Hugo

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