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Felix Manuel Bustillos

Felix was in the army stationed in Alaska, he was the oldest Bustilos son

Wedding Photo

Photograph taken at Casasola Studio in El Paso,Texas.

Bustillos Family and Compadres

Backyard on Park St house on a large lot with homes for rent (photo might be of a baptism) *names...


Young Christian Youth Organization at San Ignacio Church arranged picnic *names are listed

Wedding Photo

Jose and Angela Bustillos got married at San Ignacio Church and moved to South El Paso afterwards

Kids on side of Bowie

Chero, Margie, and Catarino Jr.

Backyard on Park Street

913 Park Street, Juan Jose Bustillos and Angela Arias Bustillos, Angela didn't like taking pictures, adobe house in the background


Margie Velez with behind her father's lunchbox.

Father and son

Catarino Jr. and Catarino Sr. in front of door of house

Margie at Bowie - El Paso, Texas

Margie Berrera Velez's mother liked to take pictures of her at Bowie high school

On Leave

Soldier came home from WWII on leave in the yard of outside of home

Girl in doorway

Margie Barrera Velez, mother liked to dress up her oldest daughter

Heating water for laundry

Chata and Chebo Barrera in the yard in front of house on 1014 S. Tays

Chicken Coop

Pete Barerra and Cheve Barerra in yard in front of chicken coop

Apartment and Baby

Apartment and Baby

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