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Julia Silva with striped dress

Julia Silva with striped dress

Fausto Priego

fished at La Moquila Mexico, Elephant Butte, Caballo Dam; printer worked with Jesus Priego

Julia Silva with cross

father worked for railroad, Julia was born in California b/c father would take family when he traveled for work

Priego Men

Jesus Priego (printer, business on Durango Street & father to Fausto); Fausto Priego (Carmen Silva's father)

Manuel Silva

In front of canal next to Chihuahuita

Emilio Silva at Depot Yard

Born in Guanajuato; arrived here and worked for Santa Fe Railroad

Children with Goat

Goat might have belonged to daughter Mannys; Carmen is on right

Rosa Fierro Crayne Portrait

Rosa Fierro Crayne at 14yrs old

Fierro Grandparents

Petra Villanueva Fierro & Jose Fierro Alfaro

Crayne Portrait

Charles Crayne (19yrs) & Rosa Fierro Crayne (16yrs); taken when first married

My Best Friend Elvira

Elvira Vazquez and Mary Martinez high school gradutation from Bowi. *note there is additional information

Mary Ojeda and her father

when the family moved to El Paso/ Cd. Juarez in 1954, her mother worked in El Paso while the family...

School Days 55-56

Mary Martinez in third grade, she remembers being shy because she didn’t know English

The 60's and 70's

When she would go downtown, she always go to the photo machine to have her photo taken. Mary and Gilbert...

The Photo Machine

From left to right, Mary and Alice Martinez, Mary and Alice Martinez, Alice and Mary, Alice and Mary, and Jennie's...

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