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Alamo School Picture

Mrs. Martinez's kindergarten class, Denise Baca second row, second child.

Baca Family Out on the Town

Hotel pub in Downtown El Paso; Antonio Baca, Francisca Baca (mother), Rosie Baca (sister), Dionicio Baca (father)

Armijo Pool

Denise Baca remembers pool being really busy during summer. Armijo Pool in the Segundo Barrio served hundreds of youth in...

Grandmother on the Street

Andrea Sanchez, Dolores Sanchez (grandmother), Camilo Sanchez; visiting in El Paso

Antonio and his brothers on the Street

Dionicio Baca, Antonio Baca, Peter Baca in South El Paso

Antonio on the Street

Antonio Baca in South El Paso

Christmas on Telles

804 Telles, Antonio Baca and sibling

On Leave from Vietnam

Antonio Baca was drafted into Army towards end of the war.

Child w/ Laundry

Denise's family lived at 804 Telles while house still owned by grandparents; Denise washed her doll clothes & hung them...

Children Outside - El Paso, Texas

Outside of 804 Telles; Rosa Baca, 4 yrs, Jessica Baca, 5 yrs, Antonio Baca, 7yrs,

Fernando Outside Home

Fernando Barrera, Jr

Family Photo

Taken at 804 Telles, greatgrandmother in back

Fernando and Aunt Maria

Fernando Barrera, Jr and Maria del Refugio Barrera

Fernando and His Brothers

Fernando Barrera, Jr.

Fernando and His Parents

Fernando Barrera, Jr, unknown, Fernando Barerra Sr, Adela Mendoza Barrera

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