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Front Yard on Swain

Bertha Maynez in frontyard of 1402 Swain.

living room in house on Leon st.

Bertha and Rueben Maynez wedding in 910 Leon St.

Front yard of Leon Street

At 910 Leon Street. Bowie High School graduation. Javier and Bertha Mendez. Cousin and Aunt to Pat Medina.

Front Yard on Swain

Bertha Maynez, Emiliano Mendez and Lilia Medina - sitting behind 1947 Chevrolet on 1402 Swain St.

backyard on Leon Street

910 Leon st. Octaviano Medina,Emiliano Mendez ( Lilia'sGreat-Great Grandfather) Lilia Medina - marriage celebration in 1947.

Front yard of Leon Street

Taken in front yard of 910 Leon st Ruben Maynez, Mike and Alfonso - friends of Ruben.

Backyard on Leon Street

Celebration of Mr. & Mrs. Octaviano Medina's wedding celebration in 1947. Location - 910 Leon Street. Left to Right -...

Backyard on Tays Street

Paternal Grandparents, father and uncles at 804 1/2 Tays, L-R: bottom: Jose, Panfilo and Juanita Medina; middle:Isidro Medina; top: Atanacio...


Juanita Medina .Taken at 804 1/2 S.Tays


Panfilo Medina.Taken at 804 1/2 S Tays. Was known as a healer or curandero.

Family in backyard

Backyard of 1402 Swain. Mercy,Fernie,Danny,Richard, Pat Medina.

Wedding - El Paso, Texas

In front of St.Ignacio Catholic Church on Park Street.Leonor Medina-Candelaria, Pat Medina.

First Holy Communion

Backyard on 1402 Caro. Danny Medina in the center on his Holy Communion celebration with brothers, sisters and cousins.

Quincenera - El Paso, Texas

1402 Caro; Rosa Medina, Leonor Medina (her quincenera celebration and Pat Medina.

Woman on car

Leonor Medina sitting on silver corvair in front of 1402 Caro

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