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Making Snowmen

Group of kids making a snow man at Alamitos projects

A Snowy Day

Young boy standing in front of projects on a snowy day


Alamitos Projects behinds the plants, Mari, Fernie and Hugo

Brother and Sister

Fernie (brother) and Mari in front of house


Alamitos Projects with cousins,Fernie, Hugo, and Fernando, in front of house

Snowball Fight

Alamitos projects, Mauricia, Freddy, Emma snowball fight

Bowie Field Trip

on the bus to San Angelo, Bowie students going on field trip

The Home Girls - El Paso, Texas

Alamo park with two girls in front of car, Ema and Mauricia

Hanging Around, Keeping it Cool

Alamitos Projects in El Paso, Texas five girls posing, Lola, Ema, Mauricia, Tina, Mari circa 1975.

The Vatos

the Vatos

Dia de San Juan

Wetting each other with water hose on Dia de San Juan

Fun Car

Tays street at Alamitos projects, Displaying mestizos t-shirt, a gang from Alamito park

The Making of the Mural

Alamito Park painting the Virgin Mural

Margie's Quince

Margie with friends with champagne glasses. The quince dress was her mother's wedding dress

Christmas Nativity Scene

Photo taken in living room, carolers from Bowie would come stop by their home for a posada and would have...

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