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Monument, Clint Church

Monument, Clint Church - El Paso, Texas.

San Elizario Fire Department

Fire department in San Elizario was established in 1978 and incorporated in Texas.

Chapel Of San Elizario

In 1789, the Spanish established a presidio, military garrison, named “San Elceario” after the French patron saint of the military,...

San Elizario Plaza

The image shows San Elizario Plaza.

Los portales museum

Los Portales Museum and Information Center.

los portales sign

Historical sign located in Los Portales.

los portales

Los Portales Museum and Information Center.

Fabens Church

Fabens Church - El Paso, Texas.

Longhorn statue at Indian Cliffs Ranch in Fabens, TX

Longhorn statue - This statue is located at Indian Cliffs Ranch which is home to Cattleman's Steakhouse just 5 miles...

Teepees at Indian Cliffs Ranch in Fabens, TX

Teepees at Indian Cliffs Ranch in Fabens, TX - These tepees are located at Indian Cliffs Ranch which is home...

Cattleman's Steakhouse

Cattleman's Steakhouse at Indian Cliffs Ranch, Fabens, is probably the most famous Steakhouse in the El Paso area.

Fabens Airport

Fabens Airport lies 1 mile north east of Fabens and is open to the public, it has no control tower....

Cuadrilla Tx

Cuadrilla Texas - Located near El Paso, Texas

House in Mission Valley - El paso, Texas

Located in Mission Valley, in El Paso Texas

Main Library from Outside

This new building is in El Paso, Texas. This picture from 2008 shows the new Main Library on Cleveland Square.

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