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"You're in Our Hearts"

Group of kids sending soldiers off

Roosevelt School

Roosevelt School - El Paso, Texas

Coronation "King & Queen"

Coronation "King & Queen"

King & Queen Pageant

King & Queen Pageant

El Paso Lions School Boy Patrol - El Paso, Texas

Alberto Hermosillo, H.V. Jackson (back); Captain Esquivel Chacon, Jose Cardena, Armando Santiago, Salavador Ruelas, Andres Olivio, and Ruben Reynoso.

Children as Indians

Roosevelt Elementary children in a circle on the playground.

Babysitter Training - 1950 - 1959

Babysitter Training - 1950 - 1959 - Roosevelt Elementary School.

Students at Chalkboard - 1955

Roosevelt Elementary School - El Paso, Texas.

Christmas at Roosevelt

Christmas at Roosevelt - Elementary School - El Paso, Texas.

Christmas at Roosevelt

Students at Roosevelt Elementary celebrate Christmas.

Roosevelt Students at Geography - 1955

Roosevelt Elementary students studying Geography in the classroom - 1950-1959. Location was El Paso, Texas.

Students Learn About Farm Life

Roosevelt Elementary School students learn about farm life and animals, El Paso, Texas.

Students with Bulbs in Basement

Students Cruz Falcon, Reymundo Sifuentes, Arturo Rodriguez and Roberto Torres water tulips in the basement for darkness, El Paso, Texas.

Roosevelt Student Council - 1960

Roosevelt Elementary School student council were visited by Mayor Raymond Telles, Alderman Ernesto Craigo, KTSM weather reporter Ted Bender, Ray...

Roosevelt Elementary School Classroom

Students studying at Roosevelt Elementary school, El Paso, Texas.

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