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Juana Aguilar III

Juana and Car

Juana I

Juana Guzman Aguilar, Terry's maternal Great Aunt lived on Oregon St.

Inez Rocha

Lived in Chihuhuita on 118 E. 7th Apt 44. Came to El Paso in ~1912 with children. Inez (mother) Remedios...

Mother and Daughter II

Esther Raminez, Cecilie Ramariez, Maria de Jesus Guzman Ramirez on the sofa

Mother and Daughter

On Campbell Street, Esther Ramirez with daughter Esther Ramirez Marin and child

Juanita Jesus at Sacred Heart Church

Ester Rocha Ramirez with daughter Juanita Raminez (wedding)

Outside Sacred Heart

Outside Sacred Heart Church. Esther Ramirez children, Esther Ramirez Marin, Hilanrio Ramirez

Farah Strike

Graciela "Chela" worked for Farah on Paisano. Remembers people spiting on her at the protest. In front of Popular Dept....

First Communion

Graciela Morales First communion


Friends in front of apartment on 418 s. Campbell #E

Angela and Sal Rodiguez

"Salon San Jose" on Second and Virgina St. at a wedding dance *names listed

Lily Durate

on the street with baby in arms

Hawaiian Bar in Ciudad Juarez

once a month went to have dinner in Juarez *names listed

San Javier Dance

Attended dance at San Javier Catholic Church on Paisano

St. Ignatius Class Picture

3 rd. grade, Angie Rodriguez in the front

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