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Parade of US Army through Downtown

US Army troops parading through Pioneer Plaza with the Herald Office in view on South El Paso Street in downtown...

Fort Bliss

In this photo, is the Barracks at Fort Bliss in the 1900s; which were used to house soldiers on base....

San Antonio Street 1882

The image shows San Antonio Street in 1882.

Wagons crossing river

U.S. Army Punitive Expedition into Mexico, 1916.

River Crossing - Punitive Expedition

Cavalry crossing the river during the U.S. Punitive Expedition.

Wagon pulled by oxen

The Chicago Hotel was on Sonora, a street that has been overwhelmed by construction in the Civic Center/Union Plaza I...

Horse Drawn Ambulance - 1890 - 1899 - El Paso, Texas

McBean, Simmons and Car ambulance in front of the old Providence Hospital.

Carriage used in Taft-Diaz meeting

This carriage was use in the Taft-Diaz meeting of 1909.

Tourist Bus to Mexico

Chalmers Motor Co. was at 114-116-118 N. Kansas.

The Mine and Smelter Co.

This was located at El Paso and San Francisco.

El Paso High School

El Paso High School is the oldest operating high school in El Paso, Texas. On November 17, 1980, El Paso...

Bijou Theatre

The Bijou opened in 1905 as a venue for vaudeville and other performances. It was located at 400 Oregon at...

El Paso Baptist Church

Shot of Magoffin Avenue. Aside from a wagon seen in the distance, the street looks empty.

Public School classroom

The students are working on craft projects - weaving on looms and making baskets.

Anson Mills Building

The Anson Mills Building is an historic building located at 303 North Oregon Street in El Paso, Texas. The Building...

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