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Ladies Auxillery Post 2753, Armijo VFW

Ladies active withi fundraising at Marcos B. Armijo VFW

Eubank Award

Ernestine Eubank (ctr) at ceremony to award Dayton E. Eubank Award for Excellancy for best ROTC marching group

Myron Eubank

Myron Eubank, shown during WWI, worked at Hotel Hussman (also named Cortez).

Margaret in Park

Cleveland Square Margaret Mendoza

Dayton Eubank

served in WWI, private 1st class cavalry troop A of the 15th, served in France; came to El Paso in...

Mendoza Family

Margaret & Miguel Mendoza

Margaret Mendoza's First Wedding

Taken in her parent's home; Lee Eubank, Enestine, George Schoen, Margaret, Dayton Eubank, Mildren Eubank

Family Visits to Grandma's House

Fortino Castro, Margie Castro-Cabral, Lupe Castro at 708 Mesa

Grandma Petra's House

Tia Carolina Jayme, Jorge Jayme, Lupe Castro (Rosemary's mom) at 708 Mesa

Margie in Yellow Dress

Margie Castro-Cabral at 708 Mesa (maternal grandmother's home), 8 mo. Old

Uncle & Grandma in Living Room

Eliseo Castaneda and Petra Montero at 708 Mesa living room with Uncle Eliseo dancing

Children Playing outside 509 S. Virginia St.

Francisco Ortega, Roberto Duron, Marta Duron, Martha Guillen

Wedding Photo at St. Ignatius Church

Antonia & Agustin Duron in front of St. Ignatius with crowd

9th Birthday Party - 1944

Marta Duron (holding cake) and schoolmates from Alamo Elementary School outside 509 S. Virginia St home - Date on the...

Bowie High School Graduation

Marta Duron Hernandez on Mesa Street

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