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Church of St. Clement

Image of the El Paso Episcopal Church St. Clement. It was designed in 1907 in a Neo-Gothic Style.

White House Department Store in 1910s

The picture captures the White House Department Store, which also housed the Hotel McCoy. In front, some carriages and cars...

Overview Shot of Pioneer Plaza 1910s

Overview shot of the Pioneer Plaza includes: The White House Department Store and Hotel McCoy (lower left), the Mills building...

Mt. Sinai Temple - 1910's

Image of Mt. Sinai Temple, the second home of the temple from 1916 to 1962. This building was designed by...

El Paso Sheriff's Building in 1910s

E.P. Residencies. H.R. Hildebrand, (Sheriff 1870). Image of the sherrif's station taken across the street. (N. Stanton and Missouri st.)

East Montana Middle School

East Montana Middle School in 14521 HORIZON BLVD
El Paso, TX 79928

Longwell Company

Longwell Co. automobile and Truck Sales Room. Three men posing for the picture - possibly the owners?. The El Paso...

Fort Bliss

Landscape view of Ft. Bliss.

Street Leading to Union Depot

Street leading to Union Depot, El Paso Herald to the right, Grand Hotel to the left. Horses and carriage can...

Katherine Stimson's Wright Bi-Plane

Katherine Stimson's Wright Bi-Plane arriving (or departng) El Paso, 22-25 Oct 1913. Hudson and Buick Automobiles building in the background....

Overview of N. Stanton and Missouri St.

Landscape overview shot of N. Stanton and Missouri St. and a cable car heading south.
The Hildebrand house...

San Jacinto Plaza

People sitting on benches and enjoy the Plaza.

Businessman Behind The Wheel Of A Truck - El Paso, Texas - 1900

Three Businessmen take care about their truck and their load in the early 1900. They transport sacks with the open...

Cinemark East Montana

Cinemark East Montana and XD 12704 East Montana El Paso, TX 79938.

Cinemark East Montana

Cinemark East Montana and XD 12704 East Montana El Paso, TX 79938.

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