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children in the yard

Margie Barrera Velez, cousin and uncle in the backyard of the house on 1014 S. Tays


Catarino Jr. "Cata" with Grandfathers bicycle-everybody shared it including Margie

Baby in highchair

Jesusita Barerra, Margie's gradnfather made highchair

Margie at Alamo School

1st grade

St. Ignatius first Communion

Margie on the far right, family attended St. Ignatius for mass and catechism


in front of Bowie Maria Barerra and Angelan Norriega

On Leave

Father was on leave form WWII, Catarino Jr., Margie, Catarino Sr., and Maria

Kids in front of Home

Children in fron of Simon Veles's home on 1019 S. Campbell St. Adobe home *names listed

Alvarez Family Portrait

family on 477 Charles St. in Chihuahuita( home is not standing anymore because of the water treament plant. *names are...

Alamito Park

Since the school have a playground the kids crowed the streets to play at Alamito projects park *names listed


During WWII Enriqueta lived in Alamito projects after the war she moved to Canal
Virginia and Angelina ---Angelina...

Mr. Limon

Lived on 805 Canal, moved to 320 Canal, Chihuahuita was know as "La Canal"

Mrs. Limon

Immgrated to El Paso because of hardships in Mexico from Jalisco, She said she never wanted to return to Mexico,...

Mr. and Mrs. Alvarez

Enriqueta and Francisco (Norma Castillo parents) Francisco came during WWI, they saw a movie at the Plaza theatre.


Ester Rocha Ramirez

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