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Poppies In The Franklin Mountains - 2017

Photograph of the poppies in the Franklin Mountains.

Bowie High School Homecoming - 1989

Bowie High School Booklet - with the 1949 members of the Texas "All State" Baseball Team.

Texas Champions - 1949

Texas High School State Champions - 1949

Bowie High School - Texas High School State Champions

Workers Alongside I-10

Workers complete improvements outside of traffic close to I-10 Westbound near Sunland Park.

New Collector-Distributor Lanes on I-10

Crews are placing concrete for the new CD lanes alongside three lanes of I-10 traffic.

Demolition of Buena Vista Bridge

Crews spent Sunday, Aug. 14, 2016 demolishing the Buena Vista Bridge, aka the Bridge to Nowhere. To protect the I-10...

Wildcats Team - Anthony Middle School - 2016

Three students showing school pride from Anthony Middle School.

Loretto Academy - 1975

Swimming pool at Loretto Academy, located in El Paso, Texas.

Loretto Academy - Sister F. Ratterman - 1994

Sister F. Ratterman with students from Loretto Academy located in El Paso, Texas.

Sister Buffy and Rev. Rick Matty - 2001

Sister Buffy is the president of Loretto Academy - she is to the right of the image. Rev Rick Matty

Loretto Academy - 1928

Loretto Academy front yard -- family stands in front of the school. Location of the school is in El Paso,...

Loretto Academy - 1960's

Photograph of Loretto Academy in El Paso, Texas.

Statue Of Crucifiction - Loretto Academy - 1955

Statue Of Crucifiction - Loretto Academy - 1955.

Statue of Crucifiction behind school chapel, El Paso, Texas.

Loretto Academy - 1960's

Sanders Gallery located in Loretto Academy - El Paso, Texas. It honors Sister Helen Sanders SL who taught in El...

Loretto Academy - 1960's

Swimming pool at Loretto Academy at the side of Hilton-Young Hall - El Paso, Texas.

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