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Cats I got not too long ago

Some cats that were gifted before this college semester began

Scenic Drive At Night - El Paso, Texas

The beautiful lights of El Paso at night.

Little Bit of Heaven - El Paso, Texas

Enjoying a night out at the popular country themed bar Little Bit Of Texas.

The Turner Home - El Paso, Texas

El Paso Medical Museum - 1301 Montana Avenue • El Paso, Texas 79902 • 915/533-0940

Historic medical...

First Steps Exhibit Ceremony - 2017 - El Paso, Texas

First Steps Exhibit Ribbon Cutting Ceremony - 2017 - El Paso, Texas - photograph taken at the El Paso Museum...

Leo Cancellare - El Paso, Texas

Leo Cancellare (1958-1999)
Leo Cancellare was a graduate of Irvin High School and the University of Texas at El...

Saint Rosa of Cascia - El Paso, Texas

Original statue of Saint Rosa of Cascia, Early 1920s

Bishop Anthony Schuler’s Vestments - El Paso, Texas

Bishop Anthony Schuler’s Vestments (chasuble, mitre, cincture, shoes, and gloves), circa 1930s

Priest Breviary and Alb - El Paso, Texas

Priest Breviary, 1930s and Alb worn during the Cristero War when some 40 priests lost their lives 1926-1929.

William H. Fryer - El Paso, Texas

William H. Fryer, AFSC (Affiliated Member of the Brother of the Christian Schools) (1880-1963)
A criminal lawyer, William Henry...

Timeline - El Paso, Texas

Timeline for the Eighth Wall of Giants at the El Paso Museum of History.

School Uniforms - El Paso, Texas

Saint Patrick Elementary uniform skirt 1990s, First Holy Communion set 1925, Catholic text for elementary school 1925, Saint Patrick Elementary...

School Material - El Paso, Texas

Textbook Covers, 1960s and 1988 and Drafting Table 1930.

Brother Amedy Long - El Paso, Texas

Brother Amedy Long (1914-1984)
Brother Cecilian Amedy (Joseph Long), a native of New Orleans, joined the Christian Brothers while...

State Championship - El Paso, Texas

State Baskeball Championship Trophy 1937-1939

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