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EPCC Exhibition Opens at Museum of History

In partnership with the El Paso Museum of History and the El Paso Museums and Cultural Affairs Department, El Paso...

Lights at EPCC Brings Community Together

A fun student competition to construct light sculptures highlighted an exciting community event. The second Lights at EPCC was held...

EPCC Remembers Mrs. Jenna Welch

EPCC remembers Mrs. Jenna Welch (1919-2019) whose love and passion for reading has impacted our students and community. Her loss...

EPCC 50th Anniversary Spring 2019 Graduation

El Paso Community College (EPCC) held, as part of its 50th Anniversary Celebration, its Spring Commencement Exercises on Friday, May...

Cedar Grove Elementary

Cedar Grove is the heartbeat of the Lower Valley! This pictures shows the entire school body standing in the shape...

Irving High School RNT

Students working on an alternate Cohen Stadium Waterpark based off the epic poem "The Odyssey". They presented to our District...

Other Brothers

Luquman, Abbas, & McCarthy

Granpa & Grandbaby

McCarthy & Savannah


Brother Tripp, Nadal, Erick

Happy Times doing what she do!!!

Savannah Galimore Happy Times doing what she do!!


Sheik Nuradeen & Abbas brown

East side Senior Citizen Center

Shooting Pool with some friends

Cedar Grove Elementary 1970-71 El Paso, TX

Students in Mrs. Mary Lou Rosales's fifth grade in 1970-71.

Kress Store, El Paso, TX, circa 1945

This is an old photo of the Kress store between the 1940-1949's.

City Marshal John B. Tays

John B. Tays a former Texas Ranger (Salt War fame), served as El Paso’s postmaster between February and August 1879...

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