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Cathedral High Grads 1931

Cathedral High Grads Carl l. Glaser, John B. Clifford, Hugh I. Dugan ,William J. Fernandez appear in photos taken for...

Cathedral High Grads 1929

Cathedral High grads Frank Neugebauer, Miguel Bustillos, Unknown Price, John Sullivan, Jose M. Malancon, Cornelius Crowley Lionel Smith and Leo...



Cathedral High Grads 1934 and 1935

Robert. J. Plass 1934, Edmundo P. Sierra, Robert C. Crowley Victor M. Morales, George J. Lassiter, Gerald P. Sullian, Juan...

Cathedral High Grads-1932

Cathedral High Grads Henry M. Targett, Pedro P. Villaverde, Julio H. Cuen, Edgar I Dania had yearbook pictures for Cathedral...

Cathedral High Grads,1932

Cathedral High Grads,1932 Eugene P. Neugebauer , William S. Openheim, Joseph T. Phillips, Martin L. Plass

Cathedral High School Grads - 1933

Cathedral High School Grads -Unknown Gonzalez, Joseph P. Grady, Nemesio A. Herrera, Leo W. Koenig, Aden G. Mc Donald, Charles...

Cathedral High School - Irish Run 10 April 2014

Cathedral High School - Irish Run 10 April 2014

44 SMILE ! ! ! !

Cathedral high grads,

Cathedral High grads, El Paso Texas, Alfonso Garcia 1932 Joseph Mc C. Piatt, Charles H. Bond, '33, Harold P. Browning...

Cathedral High School - Irish Run 10 April 2014

Cathedral High School - Irish Run 10 April 2014
43 Get ready — smile Saint Patrick’s Mariachi

Brother Manuel, Christian Brother

Brother Manuel, Christian Brother circa 1933

Cathedral High, Brother Basil, Principal

Cathedral High, Rev. Brother Basil, principal, and Rev. Brother Henry, F. S. C.

Brother A. Benedict, Principal Cathedral High

Mr. R. J. Carson coach, and Rev. Brother a. Benedict, early principal Cathedral High in El paso Texas

Brother Ernest Christian Brother

Brother Ernest, Christian Brother, Principal Cathedral High El Paso Texas

Cathedrall High grads

Cathedral High grads 1928-1930 F. H. Coover , M.E. Holguin , Unknown Fitzgerald '29, Alexander Licata , Jose M. Samaniego,...

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