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Baseball Snack the El Paso Way!

A night at the Ballpark celebrated with a unique El Paso flair!

Moto Run at Sue Young Park

West Texas Young Marines & UC complete a Moto Run from Old Glory around Sue Young Park for some PT.

Tic tac toe

West Texas Young Marines play tic tac toe at the park

UC oversees Tic Tac Toe

Unit Commander, Arthur Saucedo, determines 2 Young Marines during tic tac toe relay race

Zariah Enriquez

Zariah Enriquez gets promoted after a long hard hike in the sand hills of SAC. So proud of you.

Clean up day at Old Glory

West Texas Young Marines help Old Glory Memorial staff to clean up facility


PLT4119 is issued Woodlands uniform before becoming West Texas Young Marines at graduation ceremony.

Rank Promotion

West Texas Young Marines get Promoted at Old Glory

Jayne Adame

Jayne Adame and Don Pasco, Festival Theater, El Paso, TX, 1973

8th Grade Football Team in 1969-1970

Cedar Grove's 8th Grade Football Team was coached by Mr. Christakis.

Mr. Fred Alvarado, Assistant Principal Cedar Grove Elementary

Mr. Fred Alvarado, Assistant Principal of Cedar Grove Elementary in 1972-73.

Cedar Grove Elementary

Helen Henry was the principal of Cedar Grove Elementary in 1972.

Cedar Grove Elementary

Cedar Grove Elementary School in 1969

Trailblazing Women Honored

The El Paso Community College (EPCC) Diversity Programs celebrated Women’s History Month with its annual Diamond Awards. The ceremony honored...

EPCC Administrator Donates 100th Pint of Blood

Dr. Ron Stroud, El Paso Community College (EPCC) Director of Institutional Effectiveness and Blood Donation Director, was recognized for his...

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