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San Judas Tadeo Parish - 1993

San Judas Tadeo Parish - Dedication with Bishop Reymundo Pena. 1993 The construction of the new church for 300 persons...

Msgr. John Peters -1979 - St. Luke Catholic Church

John Peters in the year 1979. Msgr. John Peters led the community of St. Luke for 16 years, from 1992...

Little Flower New Church Groundbreaking -1990

St. Therese of the Little Flower Catholic Church began as a mission of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish in...

Border Mass - 2012

Little girl at the fence during a Border Mass - El Paso, Texas.The service is to honor migrants who have...

Caspar Barron - 1910

Emelia Barron's father Caspar Barron who is pictured here in uniform. Also the Grandfather of Tony (Azul) Alvarado Jr.

Roger Alvarado - 1974

Roger Alvarado - graduated from Cathedral High School in 1974 - El Paso, Texas.

Cathedral High School - 1978

Art Alvarado - graduation picture from Cathedral High School - 1978.

Tony (Azul) Alvarado Jr. - 1954

Tony (Azul) Alvarado Jr. - 1954 - Bowie High School Graduate

Gloria Lopez Alavardo - 1945

Gloria Lopez Alavardo - wife of Tony (Azul) Alvarado Jr. Gloria also went to El Paso High School in El...

Emelia Barron - 1940

Emelia Barron - wife of Antonio Alvarado Sr. and mother of Tony (Azul) Alvarado Jr.

Antonio Alvarado Sr. - 1900 - 1910

Tony Alvarado's father when he was about twenty years old. His name was Antonio Alvarado Sr.

Loretto Academy - Penny Postcard

Penny postcard - advertising for Loretto Academy.

History of Loretto In El Paso

Time line of Loretto contruction in El Paso 1921 - 1929.

Loretto Academy - 1990

Loretto Academy and College - El Paso, Texas

Loretto Academy - Historical Facts

Loretto Academy - Historical Facts - 1922 to 1985.

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