Our first visit to the El Paso Digital wall

Uploaded on 07.24.2019 by Robb2776

Central / Downtown, (2010 - 2019), Family and Friends

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1st visit

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James Harden-Hickey

Traveling to Tibet before his marriage, his crew made a stop in the South Atlantic. Harden-Hickey noticed that the tiny...

Felix Martinez

Felix Martinez's most lasting contribution was his strong support for the construction of Elephant Butte Dam. He also owned and...

James P. Mills, father of Anson Mills

James P. Mills was born in 1808 in Pennsylvania. He became an orphan at the age of eight and lived...

Ben Williams - El Paso Lawman - El Paso, Texas

Ben Williams operated the Ben Williams Detective Agency in El Paso. He was an attorney, deputy U.S. marshal, constable, Dona...

William Bonney, aka Billy the Kid

William Bonney (1859–1881)
Billy the Kid was a pathological criminal and cult hero who committed several violent crimes. A...

Dr. Charles T. Race

Dr. Charles T. Race was born in 1851 in Kentucky. He came to Texas as a lumberman, he then decided...

Mr. Maurice C. Edwards

Mr. Edwards worked for Mr. Bassett in his lumber yard at Stanton and St. Louis (now Mills). He later became...

Capt. John Hughes-Texas Ranger - El Paso, Texas

In 1886 several horses were stolen from his and neighboring ranches. Hughes trailed the men for several months, killing some...

Helen Leavitt

Helen Leavitt poses with her dog.

Maud Austion Crouse,El Paso Texas circa 1915

Maud Austion was the wife of Hugh Crouse, a doctor in El Paso, who was an early eugenics advocate and...

Louise Austin - Mrs. James S. Marr

Wife of Col. James Marr, who was the founder of El Paso Transfer Company.

Jose Antonio Escajeda - San Elizario, TX

José Antonio Escajeda was part of an early El Paso pioneer family, who originally came to the El Paso area...

William Simon Fraser - 1900's

William Simon Fraser was born around 1893 (1930's federal census data). Here, he poses in front of a model streetcar.

Captain John R. Hughes

HUGHES, JOHN REYNOLDS (1855–1947). John Reynolds Hughes, Texas Ranger, was born on February 11, 1855, in Henry County, near Cambridge,...

Thomas J. Beall

Thomas J. Beall, a distinguished lawyer representing various corporations in El Paso, was born at Thomason, Georgia, on the 12th...