Topographic map of El Paso County Cerro Alto Quadrangle. The map includes the New Mexico-Texas Boundary line, Hueco Mountains, Cornudas Mountains; Padre Mine Canyon, Sparrow Tanks, Abandoned Tanks; Cerro Alto Lake, Buckhorn Draw and Tepee Butte.

Uploaded on 06.23.2018 by Border Heritage Center

Far Eastside / Hueco Tanks, (1900 - 1909), Nature

  • Map
  • Cerro Alto
  • Hueco Mountains
  • Cornudas Mountains
  • Padre Mine Canyon
  • Sparrow Tanks
  • Abandoned Tanks
  • Cerro Alto Lake
  • Buckhorn Draw
  • Tepee Butte

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Topography, Texas El Paso County, Cerro Alto Quadrangle

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