Luz Ulrickson and Brother Nick Gonzalez at the opening for the exhibit "First Steps." Exhibit grand opening was August 19, 2017, El Paso, Texas.

A native of the Philippines, Luz Peña put her siblings through college by teaching during the day and working as cashier at night. She served as a Christian missionary to Pakistan. While on a trip to visit family in El Paso, she met and married Bob Ulrickson. Mrs. Ulrickson AFSC (Affiliated member of the Brothers of the Christian Schools) was in graduate school when Brother Stephen Teissandier offered her a job teaching math. She was the first female teacher at CHS. The students resented her at first, but soon learned to respect the no nonsense teacher. After 51 years of teaching at La Cate, she still tutors students and works with the alumni. Mrs. Ulrickson embodies the Lasallian spirit of selfless generosity in the endeavor of educating young men.

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Central / Downtown, (2010 - 2019), Education

  • Luz Ulrickson
  • Brother Nick Gonzalez
  • Cathedral High School

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Luz Ulrickson and Brother Nick Gonzalez

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