The marching band was Under the Direction of Christian Brother Eugene, FSC:
1984: Brother Celsus Eugene (James Alexander Hebert) died of a stroke in New Orleans, Louisiana, at age 69. He was born in that city on March 4, 1915, and entered the junior novitiate at De La Salle in Lafayette, Louisiana, in 1927. He received the brother’s robe in the novitiate there on August 14, 1931. He studied at Sacred Heart Training College in Las Vegas, New Mexico, 1932-1934, and was sent back to Lafayette to teach in the junior novitiate, 1934-1936.  
He taught at Mullen Home for Boys in Fort Logan, Colorado, 1936-1941, and at Cathedral High School in Lafayette, Louisiana, 1941-1950.
He was assigned to Cathedral High School in El Paso, Texas, in August 1950 and transferred to Landry Memorial High School in Lake Charles, Louisiana, in December.  
He returned to El Paso in August 1951 and taught there until 1956. He was a teacher and community subdirector at Kirwin High School in Galveston, Texas, 1956-1963, and transferred to De La Salle High School in New Orleans in 1963. He taught there 21 years, until his death. He was director of the brothers’ community the last six years of his life. He was noted for his skills as an organist, a band director, and a tennis player and coach. I remember Brother Eugene as a strict teacher who cared for his students. He seem to be a person who was happiest when he was surround by students and music. Here at Cathedral he produce two Operettas XXXXXXXX and XXXXXXX. He had the talent of a director, producer, musician, composer, conductor, and choreographer. He was the most dedicated and qualified teacher I have ever had the pleasure of calling him “Friend”. I can only compare him to “Mr. G”

Ernesto Martinez, CHS 54.
29 June 2017

Author: Brother James N. Grahmann, FSC, Brother James is a retired Christian Brother residing at the Cathedral High School Residence home.
Subject: A request for more information by brother James N. Grahmann, FSC. Below is one of the obits that I have written about the men and women whom the Brothers over the entire history of Cathedral High School have selected to be affiliated members or benefactors. The letters of affiliation and benefaction are signed by the Brothers’ Superior General (or another superior delegated by him). The process of affiliation is a lengthy one and requires documentation about the quality of the person’s Christian life. The requirement for a letter of benefaction is short and simple: major financial support. These people have been so important in helping the Brothers fulfill their mission of providing a Christian education to the young, especially the poor and marginalized, that they deserve to be remembered by adequate obituaries.

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1954 - CHS Fighting Irish Marching Band - El Paso, Texas

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