Roster for Company E--Camp Bowie, Texas - October, 1941

October 1941 at Camp Bowie in Brownwood,Texas. With clouds darkening over Europe, the President of the United States used his authority to activate the Texas National Guard into Federal military service. On the date of their activation, November 20, 1940, these proud Tejanos became part of the U.S. 36th Infantry Division, only fourteen months before Japan's sneak attack on Pearl Harbour on December 7, 1941. These heroic soldiers from pastoral West Texas would be tattling courageously in Italy and Germany. They were the first American soldiers to land in Europe in the allied effort to defeat Fascism and Nazism. The 36th Texas Division initiated the Italian Campaign when they landed at the Bay of Salerno on September 9, 1943. As one of the combat outfits of the Texas Division, Company E fought some of the toughest battles of World War II in mountainous terrain at Salerno, San Pietro, Monte Cassino, Velletri, and Anzio. They swept across Southern France and ended World War II when they crossed the Rhine River to fight the German Army on its home ground. Along the way they liberated Naples and Rome and captured Field Marshall Herman Goering, the number two Nazi in the German hierarchy.

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Out of Area / Out of Area, (1940 - 1949), War

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Company E - Roster - 1941

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