Tom McKay at the age of twenty - one. United States Marine Corps - Yokosuka, Japan.

McKay has been a part of the southwest's boxing scene since 1966 when he helped form the Southwest International Amateur Boxing Association (SWIABA). McKay also wrote a book titled "Magic! Magic! Magic!, a detailed masterpiece about the legacy of "Cliff "Magic" Thomas.

Thomas McKay's masterpiece captures the very essence of Cliff Thomas' magical career and brings to the forefront the explosive sport of kickboxing.

Excellent reading!" says Ladislao Vicencio who is an Inductee of the El Paso Athletic Hall of Fame and a Three-time Golden Gloves State Champion.

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Out of Area / Out of Area, (1950 - 1959), Family and Friends

  • Tom Mckay
  • Boxing
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Tom McKay - 1955

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