The Lorentzen family home in El Paso, Texas was built in 1907.

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Central / Sunset Heights, (1900 - 1909), Family and Friends

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521 Randolph Dr. right after construction - El Paso, Texas

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Man and child on front porch

This is the front porch at 521 Randolph Dr. The man may be Mr. J.W. Lorentzen, but if so, who...

Mother and child on front porch.

This is the front porch of 521 Randolph Dr., and the woman is probably Mrs. J. W. Lorentzen.

Child sitting on porch steps

This is the front porch of 521 Randolph Dr. The woman by the door is probably Mrs. J. W. Lorentzen.

Child playing with dolls on front porch

Photograph taken at the Lorentzen family home at 521 Randolph Dr.

Child playing on porch with dolls

This is probably the Lorentzen's daughter. Photograph taken at 521 Randolph Dr.

Four generations of Mrs. J.W. Lorentzen's family

This photograph was taken at 521 Randolph St in El Paso, Texas.

Lorentzen family relatives

This photograph was taken at 521 Randolph Dr. El Paso, Texas circa 1915 These are believed to be Mrs. J.W....

Mrs. J.W. Lorentzen and older relatives

This photo was taken at 521 Randolph St. Mrs. Lorentzen is on the left. At least four generations of the...

521 Randolph Dr. with trees and bushes.

Here is the Lorentzen house after the yard was landscaped and planted in El Paso, Texas.

521 Randolph Dr.

The Lorentzen home right after it was built in 1907.

Lewels family - 1940's

The Lewels family in downtown El Paso in 1948. On the left is Francisco Jose (Joe) Lewels (age 4), Aurora...

The Cisneros kids--Sunset Heights--1921

Refugio (Cuca) Cisneros, Vicente Cisneros and Aurora (Chata) Cisneros grew up in Sunset Heights. Cuca would later marry Luis Raul...

Aurora Munoz. Jimenez, MX. 1904

Aurora Munoz in the good days before the Mexican revolution caused her and her family to flee to the United...

Vicente Cisneros, Aurora Munoz .Jimenez, MX. . Circa 1910

Vicente at top of photo and Aurora in white blouse were soon to become refugees. The family loaded their belongings...

Vicente Cisneros & Aurora Munoz. Jimenez,Chih.MX 1910

Photo was taken shortly before the violence of the Mexican revolution drove the family to flee Mexico for El Paso,...