St. Joseph's Academy - Feb 13, 1938- El Paso, Texas.
First Row Left to Right:
Esperanza Rodriguez, Beatriz Sosa, Celia Ito, Maria Hernandez, Mary Lowree, Adela Prieto, Virgina Clinton, Lupe Ramirez, Amparo Macias, Ernestine Bustillos, Lupe Franco, Maragrita Oritiz.
Second Row Left to Right:
Enriqueta Benjarano, Sofia Rangel, Luz Murillo, Juana Vega, Ester Rodriquez, Valeria Severa, Luz de Carmen Ortega, Elena Robles,Carmen Salazar, Amelia Ramirez, Eva Nordausen, Dolores Valenzuela, Eva Morales, Lucila Cardona, Clarla Martinez, Emma Martinez, Faviola Navarro, Josephine Vega.
Third Row Left to Right:
Consuelo Diaz, Concha Gonzales, Elena Adauto, Lusia Portillo, Josephine Arciniega, Celia Aretia, Hermilia Castanedas, Maria Olivares, Maria Lowree, Ana Maria Mier.
Sister's Left to Right:
First Sister: Mary Anne
Second Sister: Mary Alexis

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Central / Pershing/Government Hill, (1930 - 1939), Education

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St. Joseph's Academy - 1938

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