Kern Place Gate, 1916
In an effort to increase the sale of homes in Kern Place, Peter Kern had an ambitious sign built in 1916 at the entrance of the neighborhood, now the corner of Kansas Street and Robinson Avenue.

Designed by Kern, the gate was made of two pillars linked on top by an intricate iron design representing Kern's fondness of mysticism. The gate featured various symbols including a zodiac calendar, the Kern family crest and 444 electric light globes that illuminated the words "Kern Place." The gate was lit every night for about two years before area residents complained about the overwhelming brightness. Alas, the gate was dismantled in 1954 to make room for a street-widening project.

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Westside / Kern Place, (1910 - 1919), Ingenuity

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The Kern Place Portal bore 333 lights, not 444.

Hamilton, Nancy(Nov 21, 1974) "Papers, Photos Add To Kern Place Founders History" El Paso Herald Post. " Circles, squares and compasses also were used in the symbolic gate which had 444 light globes."

In 2017 a replica of this landmark was being installed in El Paso Texas.

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Kern Place Gate - 1916

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