I had met Marlon Brando in my younger years when I was working in pictures. We used to hang out together and when I became a private investigator I sent him a note and explained to him if he ever needed anything. I received a call from Paris and it was Brando, he said, “Jay, I need your help! My son has been kidnapped.” I started on the case and I went to the place where Christian was living, with Anna Kashfi, his mother. I started doing a neighborhood survey. Three houses across from Anna Kashfi’s house, I interviewed an elderly lady. She said, “A week ago, they were having a party at Ms. Kashfi’s, there was a car that parked in my drive way. I called the police and I wrote the license number. By the time they got here, they had already moved from my drive way. It was a red bus, like a van.” So, I had something to go by and I ran the plates. I went to the port of entries and sure enough the title of the car was there. There was a town called San Felipe (Mexico) and there was one road right next to the ocean; they had no other roads going in to it. I flew a helicopter and I landed on a school ground. I hired 5 federal police to follow me in a jeep. I searched by air, I took off searching by a bunch of caves by the walls of the ocean. I searched for 4 days. The following day, the 5th day, I was searching close to the ocean and I saw the Volkswagen; half of it was in the bushes. I landed near by. I checked the license plate and it was the one I was looking for. There were a bunch of sleeping bags in the caves, 8 of them. I had scoped out everybody. I got my 30 caliber and went in there. I unzipped the sleeping bags and got them all lined up with their hands on the wall. The last sleeping bag was Brando’s son. I recovered Brando and flew him to Los Angeles and called his house. Marlon Brando answered and I said, “I have Christian with me, I found him.”

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Out of Area / Out of Area, (1970 - 1979), Meet El Pasoans

  • J. J. Armes
  • investigator
  • Detective
  • Marlon Brando
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J. J. Armes and Marlon Brando

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