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Alamito Homes II

Recent construction of the apartments

Alamito Homes I

Recent construction of the apartments

Bowie Registration Card

Rosa Fierro Crayne

Laundry Day, El Paso, Texas

Rosa Fierro (Rosa Crayne's mother), Petra V. Fierro, Ignacio ?

Zork Hardware

Zork Hardware Store located in South El Paso; Salvador L. Fierro worked there and is in the middle. This was...

Sinclair Service Station III

Salvador L. Fierro owned service station located on 7th St. & St Vrain (approximately) in El Paso, Texas.

Sinclair Service Station II

Salvador L. Fierro owned service station located on 7th St. and 800 Virginia.

Sinclair Service Station I

Salvador L. Fierro owned service station located on 7th St. & St Vrain (approximately)

Gunning Casteel Truck III

Salvador L. Fierro (Rosa Crayne's father) worked for Gunning Casteel Druggists for 20 years and made deliveries

Gunning Casteel Truck I

Augustine V. Fierro, Jose Fierro (Rosa Crayne's uncle & grandfather)

Gunning Casteel Truck II

Jose Fierro (Rosa Crayne's grandfather)

Woman & Flowers

Petra Villanueva Fierro, Rosa Crayne's paternal grandmother

Baby on Chair

Salvador L. Fierro (born June 28, 1915)

Soldier I

Augustine V. Fierro was drafted in Army & served in Pacific, Rosa Crayne's uncle

Jose Valenzuela

Jose Valenzuela was a paratrooper who won the Silver Star & Purple Heart, Rosa Crayne's brother-in-law.

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