CATHEDRAL HIGH SCHOOL - Los Que Van Quedando (LQVQ) - Board Of Directors year 2017. Jose Negrete Board Of Director Chairman of the Annual Tamalada Event 2012. Alumni member of the class of 1978. His son was recipient of the Gates Millennium Awards:
Texas Chief Justice Richard Barajas (RET), Director of Early Admission, and Government Teacher at Cathedral High School (CHS) has announced that ten of the Center for Advanced Studies (CAS) students have been named 2014 Gates Millennium Scholars (GMS).
The goal of the GMS, which was created in 1999 with a $1 billion grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is to promote academic excellence and to provide an opportunity for outstanding minority students to reach their highest potential.
Our students were selected from a national applicant pool of 50,000 who demonstrated financial need, the highest academic standards, innovative community service, and exceptional leadership qualities. JOSE NEGRETE son of Jose was named to the award.
The Cathedral students named 2014 Gates Millennium Scholars are Jorge A. Barrio, Jose-Roberto Delgado, Martin Jeffers, Anthony J. Jewett, Aldo M. Jordan, Oscar Loya, Jose A. Negrete, Christian Ortiz, Isaac M. Sotelo, and David P. Torres. These ten CHS seniors, all of which are El Paso Community College dual- credit students, are part of the twenty one Gates Scholars that the CAS has produced since 2009 bringing the total Scholars named at the school to an unprecedented thirty one. Last year CHS produced six GMS from the Class of 2013.
The CHS Center for Advanced Studies has become known for developing one the largest concentrations of educational talent along the Texas/Mexico border. For the last two years, CHS has been the most represented GMS scholarship recipient in the state of Texas and, second in the nation.
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation established this initiative to encourage and support students in completing college and in continuing on to earn masters and doctoral degrees. The awards enable thousands of young Americans to attend undergraduate and graduate institutions of their choice and prepare them to assume important roles as leaders in their professions and in their communities.

The Board of La Cate Members thanks Jose for helping and assisting our cause and congratulate him, and his wife for supporting our efforts. We can always count on Don Jose. Thank you

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CATHEDRAL HIGH SCHOOL - Los Que Van Quedando (LQVQ) - Year 2017

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